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Motorcycle Accidents and the Law

Because of their smaller size and lack of protection, you are more likely to be seriously or fatally injured in a motorcycle accident than you are in a car or truck. This is compounded by the fact that many motorcyclists fail to wear helmets or other protective gear that could often reduce the severity of their injuries. The metal surrounding a car provides protection to the drivers and passengers that is not present in a motorcycle.

Some of the accidents that occur with motorcycles result because of a lack of respect by those who cars. It’s difficult to say whether they have an attitude about being bigger than a motorcycle or they equate them to motorcycle gangs, but there is a definite trend by some drivers to overtake a motorcycle at any cost. Of course, the motorcyclist must sometimes assume some responsibility because some riders tend to cut drivers off because they know they are small enough to do it.
If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure you have someone available who can act on your behalf to obtain pertinent information if you are unable to do so. It is not a good idea to talk to any police officers other than those who are investigating the accident nor should you speak with the other party’s insurance company if you plan to hire a personal injury lawyer. Since there is always a tendency to blame the motorcycle driver for accidents that occur, you must be prepared to prove the accident was the fault of the other driver and not you.

If you are planning to hire a personal injury lawyer, make certain you hire someone who is experienced in handling claims that involve motorcycles. You also want to make sure you go to the hospital even if you think your injuries are minor. This is important because most all states have a statute of limitations, and you don’t want to find out later that what you thought was minor is actually more serious.

When the motorcycle accident is the fault of the driver of the car or truck, there will probably be extensive property damage in addition to head, neck, back and other injuries. The more information you obtain about the accident the easier it will be for your personal injury lawyer to proceed with your case. By providing all of the information your lawyer needs right from the onset, you will speed the time it will take for him or her to file and begin your lawsuit.
By choosing a lawyer who has experience handling claims involving motorcycles, you increase your chances of being able to prove liability for the accident. It is important when you hire a personal injury lawyer to discover how much experience he has in this field so that you can choose the right personal injury lawyer to handle your claim for damages from the driver of the car or truck that caused the accident.

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Did you know that the law sets time limits in which you can pursue a claim for your injuries? These limits are in the statute of limitations. Contact an experienced Orlando injury lawyer today to learn how much time you have left to file a claim.

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