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Brain Injury from a Motorcycle Accident

In the United States alone approximately 1.5 million people suffer from the effects of brain injuries on an annual basis. The injuries vary in severity but there is no denying the fact that these injuries cause changes in the lifestyle of the victims that in many cases cause the victim to have to rely upon others for things such as simple daily care thus causing an increase in emotional distress for both the victim and other family members. There are two classifications of brain injuries, one being “acquired brain injuries” such as those related to specific medical reasons such as strokes, tumors, meningitis, substance abuse and heart disease. On the other hand traumatic brain injuries refer to those resulting from a blow to the head, effects of physical assaults, a fall or accident, or those resulting from a sports injury. Most traumatic brain injures are caused by a quick acceleration or deceleration of the head, violent shaking or a blow that is hard enough to damage the brain.

The statistics on the occurrences of TBI are staggering with someone suffering from TBI in the United States every fifteen seconds and 100,000 children suffering from brain injuries every year. In addition a total of 270,000 people annually suffer from mild to severe TBIs every year making it the leading cause of death for those under the age of 45. Over half of all cases of TBIs are related to some type of roadway accident and are the largest contributor of TBIs for those under the age of 75. For those over 75 slips and falls are the largest causes of TBIs.

It is not always the case but many times brain injury and TBIs occur because of the careless and negligent behavior of others, sometimes through motorcycle accidents. If the negligence can be proven in court, the guilty party may have to pay the victim for all current and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment in life, pain and suffering and any property damage that resulted. Depending on the judge the responsible party may also have to pay the victim punitive damages in cases of severe injuries. If the injury causes major lifestyle changes for the victim’s family, they may also be awarded compensation.

The laws vary in each state and sometimes even within jurisdictions within the same state, so no one can really tell you whether you are entitled to an award except a personal injury lawyer. Brain injuries are very complex issues and sometimes it is difficult to prove who was at fault for the injury. The only way to find out for sure is to present all of the facts to a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in litigation of cases involving TBIs to find out if you actually have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. If you are unable to present the evidence yourself, a family member can do this on your behalf, and the more evidence you can present the better than chances are that your personal injury lawyer can present a solid case to the court.

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